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Tue 15 Jan

Mark Viner (Joint Societies Dinner-Recital)



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Wed 24 Oct

Ralph van Raat

New York, USA

Symphony for Solo Piano (op.39, 4-7)

Recital link

Sat 10 Nov

Ching-Yun Hu

Boca Raton, USA

Le Festin d’Esope (op. 39/12)

Recital link

Thu 22 Nov

Schaghajegh Nosrati

Lucerne, CH

Concerto for solo piano (op.39, 8-10)

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Recent additions to Members’ Youtube page
Mark Viner interview with Elena Vorotko
Ethan McCollum & chorus: Halelouyoh; Etz chajjim hi
Timur Khaliullin & Nadezhda Vasiullina (organ): Bombardo-Carillon, for 4 feet
Robert Ronnes (bsn): Paix à la Paix




Stellar reviews of Mark Viner’s Alkan release (Feb 2018)

It is our general policy not to include reviews on this website, but we make an exception to alert members to the some of the exceptional reviews of Society chairman Mark Viner’s CD of Douze Etudes dans tous les tons majeurs (op. 35)  on the Piano Classics label (PCL10127). See:



New MP3 release: Yury Favorin (Nov 2017)

The Muso label has released an MP3 album of the Russian pianist Yury Favorin’s first Alkan recording, comprising:

  • Super flumina Babylonis (op. 52)
  • Symphonie pour piano seul (op. 39, 4-7)
  • Grande Sonate (op. 33)

CD (Muso MU022D) available from Presto Classical


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Brilliant Classics to release 13-CD box set: Alkan edition (Oct 2017)

The set, to be released in November 2017, brings together Alkan recordings from the Piano Classics and other labels. The main works included are:

  • 12 Études dans tous les tons mineurs (op. 39), Vincenzo Maltempo
  • 3 Morceaux dans le genre pathétique (op. 15), Vincenzo Maltempo
  • Grande Sonate “les quatre âges” (op. 33), Vincenzo Maltempo
  • Sonatine (op. 61) (twice), Vincenzo Maltempo, Canstantino Mastroprimiano
  • 12 Études dans tous les tons majeurs (op. 35), Mark Viner
  • Esquisses (op. 63), Laurent Martin
  • 25 Préludes (op. 31), Laurent Martin
  • 8 Impromptus (op. 32), Laurent Martin
  • Grandes Etudes (op. 76) & 2 Petites pieces (op. 60), Alessandro Deljavan
  • Chamber works (op 21, 30 &  47), Trio Alkan
  • Concerti da Camera (op. 10), Giovanni Bellucci
  • Various short pieces (op. 16, 22, 26, 27, 41, 45, 46, 50, 51, 55, 57, 75)
  • 13 Prières (op. 64), Petits préludes sur les 8 gammes du plain-chant, Impromptu sur le chorale de Luther (op. 69), Kevin Bowyer (organ)

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Alkan Society music publications: plans announced (Sep 2017)

The Society plans to publish definitive versions of unavailable or hard-to-obtain works of Alkan under the editorship of Mark Viner. A series of separate volumes are anticipated.

The first publication will be of Alkan's two Concerti da Camera (op. 10) and the Andante avec sourdines pour piano et quatour à cordes (of which op. 13/2 is a version). Click here for further details.


New CD release: Concerti da Camera (Sep 2017)

Giovanni Bellucci (piano) with Roberto Fores-Veses (conductor) and Orchestra di Padova e del Veneto. The CD (on Piano Classics PCL10135) includes:

  • Concerto da Camera no 1 in A minor (op. 10/1)
  • Concerto da Camera no 2 in C# minor (op. 10/2)
  • Concerto da Camera no 3 in C# minor (Andante con moto)


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Forthcoming CD release by Yui Morishita (Sep 2017)

Yui Morishita’s third Alkan CD will be released (in Japan) on 7th October 2017,on  ALM Records ALCD-7216. The CD includes:

  • Etudes dans tous les tons mineurs (op.39 nos 1, 2, 3, 11 & 12)
  • Trois morceaux dans le genre pathétique pour piano (op. 15)

 Information on availability will be posted here in due course.



Forthcoming CD release by Mark Viner (Aug 2017)

Mark Viner’s recording of Alkan’s Douze Etudes dans tous les tons majeurs (op. 35) will be released on 1 October 2017. The recording was made in December 2016 and is on the Piano Classics label (PCL10127).


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Premio Alkan per il virtuosismo pianistico (Aug 2017)

On the 17th of June 2017, the first Alkan Award for piano virtuosity took place at the Castello di Castano, Agazzano in Italy. A report of the event will be published in the next issue of the Society Bulletin. The winner of the Alkan award was Raffaelo Battiloro (pictured right), and his recital included Le Festin d’Esope (op.39/12). The performance can be heared here (scroll down to video entitled “Serata Premio Alkan 2017”). Vincenzo Maltempo, the patron of the event, played Comme le vent and the Symphonie from op.39 at the same event.

Raffaelo Battiloro

Castello di Castano

Alkan arrangements... (May 2017)

Society member Paul Goold has drawn attention to some (more or less bizarre) Alkan arrangements:


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