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Books on Alkan and his music


Eddie, W. A. (2007). Charles Valentin Alkan: His Life and His Music. Ashgate Publishing. ISBN 978 1 84014 260 0
 [Link to Amazon(UK)]


François-Sappey, B. (1991). Charles Valentin Alkan. Fayard: Paris. ISBN: 221302779X (in French)


François-Sappey, B. and François Luguenot (2013). Charles Valentin Alkan. Editions Bleu Nuit: Paris. ISBN: 2358840238 (in French)
 [Link to Amazon(UK)]


Kessous-Dreyfuss, A. (2013). Le passant du pont de l'Europe: Charles Valentin Alkan entre tradition et modernité. Massoreth Editions. ISBN  2911942175 (in French)
 [Link to Amazon(UK)]


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Smith, R. (2000). Alkan: The Man, The Music. Kahn & Averill: London. ISBN 1871082730.(Revised edition of Vols 1 & 2 above)
 [Link to Amazon(UK)]


Tadday, U. (2017). (ed.) Charles Valentin Alkan (Musik-Konzepte Heft 178). Edition text+kritik,: Munich. ISBN 978-3-86916-600-1


Books relevant to Alkan and his music


Conway, D. (2011). Jewry in Music: Entry to the Profession from the Enlightenment to Richard Wagner. Cambridge University Press: Cambridge. ISBN 9781107015388
 [Link to Amazon(UK)]


Jensen, E. (1992). Walls of Circumstance: Studies in Nineteenth-century Music. Scarecrow Press: Washington. ISBN 978-0810825888
 [Link to Amazon(UK)]


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[Link to Amazon(UK)] 


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 [Link to Amazon(UK)]


Macdonald, H. (2008). Beethoven's Century: Essays on Composers and Themes. University of Rochester Press. ISBN 978-1580462754
[Link to Amazon(UK)] 


Ochse, O. C. (2000). Organists and Organ Playing in Nineteenth-Century France and Belgium. Indiana University Press: Bloomington. ISBN 978-0253214232
 [Link to Amazon(UK)]


Rimm, R. (2003). The Composer-pianists: Hamelin and the Eight. Amadeus Press. ISBN 978-1574670721.
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Journal articles and reports


Note that there are many short articles and reports in the Alkan Society Bulletins and Bulletins de la Société Alkan available on this site. There is an index to early Society Bulletins here, and to the French Bulletins here. More recent issues of both sets of Bulletins can be searched using the Search box on the Home page.



Ahn, J. (1988). A Stylistic Evaluation of Charles Valentin Alkan's Piano Music, A Lecture Recital together with Three Recitals of Selected Works of J. S. Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Liszt, Schumann, and Villa-Lobos. Thesis for Doctor of Musical Arts, University of North Texas. Available here


Bat-Yaacov, Dena Collected papers, including  documents relating to her performacnes of Alkan. Further information.


Beauvois, M. W. (2018). Alkan’s Petits Préludes for organ: A case study of composition by constraints. Music & Science, 1, 1-19. Abstract; Full article


Bitzan, W. (2016). Durch alle Tonarten: Omnitonale Präludienzyklen für Klavier.Eine Darstellung der Gattungsgeschichte mit besonderem Blick auf Musik aus Sowjetrussland (Through all the keys: omnitonal prelude cycles for piano. A representation of the history of the genre with a special focus on music from Soviet Russia).  Archiv für Musikwissenschaft, Volume 73, Number 3, 185-219. Abstract


Byrd, D. (rev 2017), Extremes of Conventional Music Notation, web page (retrieved 4 Fab 2018)


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Henahan, D. (1988). Music view: The Birth And Death Of a Legend. The New York Times, 12 June, 1988. Available here


Hennig, D. (1975). Charles-Valentin Alkan: An Introduction with Special Reference to the Études Op.35 and Op.39, B Phil dissertation, Oxford University. Link to World Catalog, .


Hillmann, J. L. (2018). Solving the Riddle of Alkan's Grande Sonate Op. 33 ‘Les quatre âges’: A Performance Guide and Programmatic Overview. Doctoral dissertation, Arizona State University. Abstract; Full thesis


Himelfarb, C. (2005). “Le Foyer d'art de Pierre Joseph Zimmerman Un Salon de pianistes dans la Nouvelle Athènes sous Louis Philippe”,  in : La Maison de l'artiste construction d'un espace de représentations entre réalité et imaginaire (XVIIe-XXe siècles), P.U. de Rennes,


Himelfarb, C. (2001). “De la concordance des temps dans l'œuvre pour piano de C. V. Alkan (1813-1888) Eléments pour une étude des modèles anciens dans le cycle poétique des 25 Préludes op.31 (1847)” mémoire de D.E.A, université de Genève, dir. J.-J Eigeldinger,


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Kersey, J., (1990), Quelques considerations concernant le rythme dans la musique de Charles-Valentin Alkan, London, Alkan Society Archive at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, 1990; also in Bulletin de la Société Alkan, 35 (1996), 3-20


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Nicholas Bell’s bibliography (compiled 1994 but of continuing relevance)