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Books on Alkan and his music


Eddie, W. A. (2007). Charles Valentin Alkan: His Life and His Music. Ashgate Publishing. ISBN 978 1 84014 260 0
 [Link to Amazon(UK)]


François-Sappey, B. (1991). Charles Valentin Alkan. Fayard: Paris. ISBN: 221302779X (in French)


François-Sappey, B. and François Luguenot (2013). Charles Valentin Alkan. Editions Bleu Nuit: Paris. ISBN: 2358840238 (in French)
 [Link to Amazon(UK)]


Kessous-Dreyfuss, A. (2013). Le passant du pont de l'Europe: Charles Valentin Alkan entre tradition et modernité. Massoreth Editions. ISBN  2911942175 (in French)
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Smith, R. (1976). Alkan. Volume 1: The Enigma. Kahn & Averill: London. ISBN 0 900707 39 9.


Smith, R. (1987). Alkan. Volume 2: The Music. Kahn & Averill: London. ISBN 0 900707 84 4.


Smith, R. (2000). Alkan: The Man, The Music. Kahn & Averill: London. ISBN 1871082730.(Revised edition of Vols 1 & 2 above)
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Books relevant to Alkan and his music


Conway, D. (2011). Jewry in Music: Entry to the Profession from the Enlightenment to Richard Wagner. Cambridge University Press: Cambridge. ISBN 9781107015388
 [Link to Amazon(UK)]


Jensen, E. (1992). Walls of Circumstance: Studies in Nineteenth-century Music. Scarecrow Press: Washington. ISBN 978-0810825888
 [Link to Amazon(UK)]


Lerner, N. & Straus, J. (2006). Sounding Off: Theorizing Disability in Music. Routledge. ISBN 978-0415979078
[Link to Amazon(UK)] 


Lindeman, S. D. (1999). Structural Novelty and Tradition in the Early Romantic Piano Concerto. Pendragon Press. ISBN 978-1576470008
 [Link to Amazon(UK)]


Macdonald, H. (2008). Beethoven's Century: Essays on Composers and Themes. University of Rochester Press. ISBN 978-1580462754
[Link to Amazon(UK)] 


Ochse, O. C. (2000). Organists and Organ Playing in Nineteenth-Century France and Belgium. Indiana University Press: Bloomington. ISBN 978-0253214232
 [Link to Amazon(UK)]


Rimm, R. (2003). The Composer-pianists: Hamelin and the Eight. Amadeus Press. ISBN 978-1574670721.
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Journal articles and reports


Arfini, M. T. (2015). Charles Valentin Alkan e Johann Sebastian Bach: un capitolo dello storicismo in Francia. In: Ad Parnassum, Vol. 13. Link to abstract


Holden, E. (2014). Charles Valentin Alkan: Interpreting the Composer’s use of Rhythm as Identified in the Dominant Motifs present in the Music for Organ, Pedal-piano and Harmonium. PhD thesis, National University of Ireland, Maynooth, Ireland. Link to pdf version of thesis.


MacDonald, L. E. (1966). The Piano Music of Charles-Valentin Alkan. Master thesis Ohio State University. (Available from here - scroll to near bottom of page and click on “Download”)


Penrose, J. (1993). The strange case of Charles Valentin Alkan. New Criterion, 11(9).


Robson, K. W. (2012). Romantic liturgists: Franz Liszt’s and Charles Valentin Alkan’s settings Of Psalm 137. Masters thesis, University of Georgia. Link to pdf version of thesis




Nicholas Bell’s bibliography (compiled 1994 but of continuing relevance)