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25 Esquisses pour piano
Composed by members of the Alkan Society
ditors: Nick Hammond, José López, Richard Murphy and Richard Shaw

In issue 97 of the Alkan Society Bulletin, members of the Society were invited to compose a short piano piece  inspired by Alkan’s Esquisses, op. 63. These could be imagined as a tribute to Alkan or, more broadly, as an opportunity for a composer to be stimulated and influenced by Alkan.

The deadline for submissions was Alkan’s 206th birthday, 30 November 2019, and the printed edition, comprising 25  esquisses, coincided with the 100th issue of the Bulletin. To encourage amateur composers, the printed edition  was anonymous. A copy was sent to all members. (Copies of the printed volume are available for purchase: contact the Treasurer for details.)

Subsequently, the composers agreed to release their names, and we have prepared a second on-line only edition, for free download. Audio recordings of most of the esquisses are also available. Please note that all the materials, both textual and audio, are copyrighted.

25 Esquisses cover


Other publications: The Society plans to publish definitive versions of unavailable or hard-to-obtain works of Alkan. A series of separate volumes are anticipated.

The series will include works which currently only exist in manuscript form as well as those where the original edition is out of print.

Alkan Society members will enjoy a discount on the list price.

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 In preparation: Alkan’s Concerti da Camera

 This edition will comprise:

(a) Two-piano versions

  • 1er Concerto da camera pour piano et orchestre, op.10
  • 2e Concerto da camera pour piano et cordes, op.10
  • Andante avec sourdines pour piano et quatour à cordes

The second concerto includes Alkan’s own arrangement of the string accompaniment for 2nd piano

(b) Supplementary materials for performance with orchestra / strings

  • 1er Concerto da camera pour piano et orchestre, op.10: full score and orchestral parts
  • 2e Concerto da camera pour piano et cordes, op.10: full score and string parts
  • Andante avec sourdines pour piano et quatour à cordes: full score and string parts

The string parts for the Andante are Alkan’s recently-discovered originals, never previously published

Price: To be announced

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