Alkan's works

Catalogues and documents available from this page

For the Full Catalogue, works are ordered strictly by opus number, with works with no opus number at the end. For the condensed catalogue and Discography, works are grouped by instrumentation (Piano solo; Piano duo/duet; Pedal piano or organ; Chamber music; Orchestral music; Vocal music), and are ordered within each group by opus number, with works without opus number at the end.

Note on the catalogues

The above catalogue of compositions has been compiled with the assistance of that of François Luguenot, which is the most comprehensive and reliable source of which I am aware. The exact titles of works as they appear on the frontispieces of first editions, together with dates of publication have been taken from this source.

Regarding the various editions listed, it should be noted that additional editions aside from the first publication and current publication of a given work have occasionally been listed in instances where either another engraving exists which is contemporary to the recognised first edition or in the rarer instance where a work has been re-typeset, decades after the publication of the first edition, but is no longer in print.

Virtually every single issue of Alkan's music available from the Paris publisher Billaudot is a reprint of the first edition. These original engravings were first reissued during the early twentieth century by publishing houses such as Joubert and, more extensively, Costallat; Billaudot later becoming successor to the latter. As this chapter in the history of Alkan's published works is complicated and difficult to detail with accuracy, only instances where works have been re-typeset or reissued with considerable editorial additions and alterations during this period have been mentioned, the rest remaining for the most part identical to those we currently have access to through the Billaudot catalogue.