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Programme includes

Fri 18 Aug 17

Maxime Zecchini

Rome classical concerts

Rome, Italy

Fantasie (op.76/2)

Sat 19 Aug 17

Satu Paavola

Rarities of Piano Music

Husum, Germany

Grande Sonate (op.33)

Thu 21 Sep 17

Bradley Ng

Wigmore Hall young musicians

London, UK

Allegro barbaro (op.35/5)

Sun 22 Oct 17

Helmut Deutsch (organ)

Concerts Spirituels à Saint-Sulpice

Paris, France

Scherzando from Grands Préludes (op.66/10)

Sun 19 Nov 17

Kit Armstrong

Lucerne Festival

Lucerne, Switzerland

Selection from Chants

Sun 03 Dec 17

Philippe Bianconi

Pallazzetto Bru Zane

Berlin, Germany

Marche Funèbre (op.26)

Tue 20 Mar 18

Roberto Prosseda (pedal piano)

Auditorium Nacional

Madrid, Spain

Selection from Prières (op.64) and Grands Préludes (op.66)

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Kit Armstrong