About the photographs

Portrait of Alkan (Dubufe)

Pastel portrait of Alkan in about 1835, by Édouard Dubufe

Photograph of Alkan (close-up)

Photograph of Alkan (close-up version of photo below & left in oval frame)

Photo of Alkan

Photograph of Alkan, unknown date

Photo of Alkan, standing

Photograph of Alkan of unknown provenance and date (thought to be about 1850)

Sketch of Alkan in old age

Pencil sketch of Alkan, by A Osborne Campbell (curiously dated 1926)

Alkan in old age

Oil painting of Alkan, by Wilhelm Rubach.

Alkan's tomb

Alkan's tomb, detail

 Alkan’s tomb (and detail), Montmartre Cemetery, Paris

Alkan's father

Alkan’s father, Alkan Morhange (1780-1855)

Alkan's mother

Alkan’s mother, Julie Morhange (née Abraham) (1784/5-1868)

Alkan’s brother Napoléon

Alkan’s 3rd brother, Napoléon (1826-1906)

Alkan’s sister, Céleste

Alkan’s elder sister, Céleste (1812-1897)

Alkan's son, Elie Delaborde

Alkan’s presumed son, Élie-Miriam Delaborde (1839-1913)


Alkan’s Érard grand piano pédalier, now in the Musée de la Musique, Paris


Alkan’s great-nephew, Jacques Nam (originally Lehmann), grandson of Céleste and distinguished French artist and sculptor, best known for his works  with animals (1881-1974)